Plan a Visit

Scheduling a Visit

The daily Campus Visit Experience and Honors Information Sessions are scheduled on a three month basis: the current month and the following two months.  (Ex:  February, March, April;  June, July, August)  Each new third month is typically added at the beginning of a new month.  (Ex:  April is typically added at the beginning of February;  August is typically added at the beginning of June)

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Best Times to Visit

Although you're welcome on campus any time, our scheduling tips will help you get the most from your campus visit:

   Want to avoid the crowds?

Visit in January, February, May, September, November or December.

Visit on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
Avoid visiting during holiday weeks.
Avoid visiting on your local school holidays.

Want to see and do as much as possible?

The best time to see UGA is on a weekday when Fall, Spring, or Summer classes are in session, residence halls are open, and all of our faculty, staff and students are available to answer your questions. Tours and information sessions are not conducted on official university holidays.

Because there's always something going on at UGA, you might want to schedule your visit to coincide with a special event, a show or a game while you are here. Check the UGA master calendar for a preview of events.