Schedule Your Visit

To arrange your campus visit, we suggest you and your family discuss how you'd like to spend your day, then give us a call any weekday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. or schedule your visit online. If you schedule your visit online, make sure you bring along a copy of the confirmation form you will receive after you register online. If you would like to schedule an information session on the same day, make sure you indicate that when you register online. Please note that a campus tour reservation does not include an information session reservation and vice versa. Visitors must select each event when registering online.

Tour space is limited, so you'll want to have a few possible visit dates in mind before calling for reservations. If you are unable to book a reservation for a campus tour, please review our walk-in policy for guests without a tour reservation.

Please make sure you are scheduled for only one tour. Cancel any tours you are not planning to attend. We appreciate all you can do to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our campus.

There's always something going on at UGA, so you might want to schedule your visit to coincide with a special event, a show or a game while you are here. Check the UGA master calendar for a preview of events.