Columbus, Georgia

Year in school



Human Development and Family Sciences

Favorite place for lunch in Athens

Cali N Tito's (Five Points)!!! Partially because it's walking distance from my house, but mostly because the tostones and maduros have changed my life.

Favorite place on campus

The Trial Gardens!!!! (or The Reading Room in the Miller Learning Center if it's winter/raining)

Your advice for prospective students on how to choose a college

You were made for big things. So don't cater to the world's opinion on your education. Choose somewhere you can explore your passions fearlessly, chase after what you love, and do it big.

Share some wisdom you've learned about how to be awesome in college

Cords and pins don't affect the mark you leave through loving others. Titles and a good GPA are cool, but investing your life in something bigger than you and building best friendships is infinitely better.