Macon, Georgia

Year in school



Biological Sciences


Favorite place for lunch in Athens


Favorite place on campus

The small grassy circular quad behind the Marine Science Building and in front of Air Force ROTC building or Hardman Hall. I know it's random, but it's a true diamond in the rough as far as a relaxing getaway outdoors.

Your advice for prospective students on how to choose a college

Come up with your list on non-negotiables! That is, think long and hard about what you need out of any school in order for you to feel at home there for the next four, five, or six years.

Share some wisdom you've learned about how to be awesome in college

Truly be yourself! I know it's cliché, but college can pull you in so many directions. You can thrive in all of your passions by sticking true to who you are no matter what that may be.