Decatur, Georgia

Year in school



Biological Sciences

Favorite place for lunch in Athens

The Last Resort Grill

Favorite place on campus

Herty Field! Whether you're studying, taking a nap, jumping in the fountain, or hanging with friends after leaving downtown, Herty Field has a lot to offer. And it's beautiful!

Your advice for prospective students on how to choose a college

Do not base your decision on where your friends are going or your parent's alma mater! Find the school that best fits you. Choose a school that you feel will continuously promote your growth both as a person and as a student. Also, take into consideration the community surrounding the university! You will not only be a student at that school, but a resident of that community.

Share some wisdom you've learned about how to be awesome in college

Opportunity does not always knock on the door. Sometimes you just have to start opening doors and seeing what opportunities are behind them! So just try new things, take advantage of your resources, and find something to be passionate about! Work hard, and have fun. These can be the best years of your life, but you have to make them great!

What was the most challenging part about adjusting to college?

Firstly, the need to study in college that I didn't experience in high school was challenging. Another thing that took some serious adjusting to was having the option not to go to class. My mom was no longer there to make sure I got off to school each morning. The hardest thing is getting up on a cold rainy morning and not turning over to go back to sleep.