Group Tours

If you wish to bring 7 or more visitors to campus for a tour, please use this link to make your requestGroups of this size should not schedule campus tours through the online reservation system. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible, but in no case closer than four (4) weeks to the desired date. Group tours are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. We will do our best to accommodate your date request but due to office hours and campus events we may need to consider alternative dates. A confirmation letter will be sent once your agenda is finalized.

If you are unable to schedule a guided tour for your group, you're welcome to visit campus at your convenience and use our self-guided tour.

General information

Because of the increasing number of groups we see annually, we are unable to accept tour reservations for those groups with students under the age of 12 and/or students in grades below the 6th grade. We certainly still welcome these groups to campus and have a number of options for our young visitors (e.g. Georgia Museum of Art, Georgia Museum of Natural History, State Botanical Garden, and Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall). Please contact us for more details.

Because of the substantial increase in visitors seeking regular campus tours during the months of March and April, the scheduling of group tours may be limited during those months. Also during March and April, we see a large number of high school groups visiting campus. Because of this, we are unable to accept middle school group requests during those months. We may also have to limit or suspend group tours while our student staff is unavailable, such as when classes are not in session (holidays, spring break, summer, etc.)

If you find it necessary to cancel your visit, it is essential that you give at least three (3) days notice due to planning expenses. Failure to do so may limit future schedule availability for your organization.

Our group tour is a 45-minute walking tour. All participants should have proper footwear and be prepared for inclement weather.

On the day of the visit

Please arrive on time. Leave early, allowing time for possible delays. Should it appear that your group would not arrive on campus at the expected time, please notify the Visitors Center staff immediately by calling (706) 542-0842. Our tour leaders are students and their class schedules need to be accommodated. If your group is late, your scheduled itinerary may be modified or canceled.

If the total number of visitors, including students, teachers and chaperones, changes in any way, please contact the Visitors Center immediately. It is imperative that the Visitors Center staff has an accurate count of visitors coming to campus for each group in order to plan and staff for the best possible visit. It should be noted that the Visitors Center is unable to accommodate groups larger than 50 and more than one (1) bus on campus at one time.

Responsibilities once on campus

Teachers/chaperones should stay with their assigned group throughout the campus visit. It is the responsibility of the teachers/chaperones to maintain order while the group is on campus. Our required chaperone-to-student ratio by age group is as follows:

  • 1 adult : 10 students for middle school
  • 1 adult : 15 students for high school

Be a great tour group!

Our tour leaders are current students who love showing the campus to visitors and who especially get excited explaining the college experience to younger students. If you're bringing a group of students to campus, challenge them to get the most out of the experience by being prepared and by being an engaged, attentive audience. Encourage discussion about the college experience even before your group arrives on campus and have the students come up with questions they want answered on their visit. (Consider our Frequently Asked Questions if they need some suggestions.)

And challenge your group to engage and interact with the tour leaders during the tour. Expect them to look alert and interested and actually smile at the tour leaders. It's okay, even very cool, to laugh at our jokes. Audiences that genuinely show they are interested by making eye contact, smiling, and asking questions will get the most and the best from presenters. In our experience, tour groups that arrive on our campus prepared and excited, anticipating a fun adventure, are the groups that almost always leave with smiles on their faces and new insights to take home with them.


Prior to your arrival on campus, it is the coordinating teacher's/chaperone’s responsibility to communicate to the driver where to park during the visit to campus. Bus drivers must stay with the bus during the visit. Contact UGA Parking Services ahead of time for instructions on where to park during the visit.

On-campus dining

If your group would like to eat in one of the on-campus dining facilities, please contact the UGA Food Services department at (706) 542-1552 to obtain pricing information. Please arrive with one (1) check made payable to UGA Food Services for the cost of the entire group. Please note that the cashier will be unable to give cash back from the register for an issued check. The group will have to file a check request for the difference. If your group is qualified as tax exempt, please contact UGA Food Services at (706) 542-1552 to make arrangements before your visit.