Mission & Service Standards

We tell the UGA story from a student perspective and challenge prospective students to have a remarkable college experience no matter where they enroll. Our job is to awaken possibility in others.

We are guided by four service standards:


Safety is our first priority as we drive vehicles on a very crowded campus. We will do our best to ensure the safety of guests, pedestrians, other drivers, and our staff members.


We will show kindness to everyone we encounter, whether or not they are a guest or a member of our campus community.


We will be truthful. But we will offer more than facts and accurate information. We will be real, sharing our true stories and genuine feelings and not trying to be something we are not. We will seek to be "microscopically truthful," conveying our stories well beyond superficial generalizations and stereotypes.


We will be remarkable, giving our guests an experience that will compel them to remark about us in the best possible way. We intend to amaze and delight visitors. Our guests will leave feeling respected, challenged, enlightened, and inspired.