Savannah, Georgia

Year in school



Nutritional Sciences


Vocal Performance

Favorite place for lunch in Athens

Snelling Dining Commons! You can't beat the home cooked food and Ms. Sandra's company. (Cali & Tito's comes in a close second!)

Favorite place on campus

Hodgson Hall in the Performing Arts Center. I've had some of the most memorable and moving experiences of my life both on the stage and in the audience.

Your advice for prospective students on how to choose a college

Choose a college that will not only challenge you, but also nurture you. A good college will push you to do your best and still feel like home!

Share some wisdom you've learned about how to be awesome in college

Step outside of your comfort zone and get involved! This is your time to explore your interests and figure out who you are and what you love. College presents amazing opportunities to define your passions.