Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Year in school





Favorite place for lunch in Athens

Oooooh, close tie between Ted's Most Best for a bacon and egg pizza (actually heaven in your mouth) OR Taqueria del Sol for one fried chicken and one brisket taco with queso. Man oh man, you can't go wrong!!

Favorite place on campus

Definitely the Center for Student Activities and Involvement in the bottom floor of Tate. Almost every student org has their own cubicle down there so our HEROs cube is basically my second home. I eat, study, work, hang out, sometimes even sleep in there.

Your advice for prospective students on how to choose a college

Go where YOU feel right! These four years have the potential to be the greatest of your life, so choose somewhere that feels like home with people that will enrich your life to make you the best you!

Share some wisdom you've learned about how to be awesome in college

Take a risk, and put yourself out there! Talk to that person in the dining hall. Don't let your fear control you college life. What you put in is what you'll get out!